Nordic Paper Säffle

In Säffle we manufacture Greaseproof paper. Säffle is the site of one of our pulp mills and two paper machines with a total annual capacity of 30,000 tonnes of paper and 50,000 tons of pulp.

The quality of Greaseproof Paper is determined by the different properties in pulp and this means we can control and direct the quality to suit our customers’ needs. Our pulp is bleached in a totally chlorine free process.

Technical facts


PM2 width 4.20 m (165 inches)
PM3 width 3.25 m (128 inches)


PM2: 16 500 ton
PM3: 12 500 ton
Total Seffle 29 000 ton
Pulpmill capacity: 40 000 t.p.a.

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P O Box 610
SE-661 29 Säffle, Sweden
Tel +46 533 820 00
Fax +46 533 820 08

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Did you know

Our paper is used in restaurant kitchens all over the world. It’s heat resistant hygenic and reusable, which makes working in the kitchen much easier and cleaner.

Nordic Paper also manufactures paper for graphic design. It gives the products an exclusive apperance.

Nordic Paper is the world’s oldest and largest maker of Greaseproof paper, with worldwide sales network.

Paper from Nordic Paper is made from natural raw material. Therefore we can meet the market’s demands for enviromentally adapted product.

Paper from Nordic Paper can reduce or replace plastic and aluminium in a number of products.

Nordic Paper makes a special quality paper used in manufacturing decorative laminate.

The paper for baking cups is a special grade, designed to give the cup stabilty in addition to an excellent barrier against fat and moisture.

Wherever you find food, you find Nordic Paper. You probably come into contact with us and our products everyday.

Our history has given us a feeling for and knowledge of paper that has been passed from generation to generation.

Baking paper from Nordic Paper simplifies and makes baking a cleaner process – nothing burns or sticks.