Halloween Ghosts

Makes 6-8 ghosts
4 eggs
170 g sugar
135 g plain flour

250-300 ml whipping cream
grated rind and the juice of an orange
100 g raspberry jam

Topping: orange marzipan and silver sugar balls

Preheat the oven to 175°.  Beat the eggs and sugar until white and fluffy. Carefully fold in the flour.
Grease a 23-cm, round cake tin and dust with breadcrumbs. Turn the mixture into the tin.
Bake on a lower shelf for about 40 minutes.
Test with a skewer to check the cake is baked through and make sure it has come away from the sides of the tin.
Leave the cake in the tin for a few minutes before turning it out. Leave to cool.
Whip the cream and add the orange rind and juice.
Divide the cake into 3 bases. Use a glass and cut out rounds (5-6 cm) and place them on a sheet of baking paper.
Cover them with raspberry jam. Place more rounds on top of the raspberry jam.
Spread the orange cream mix over the rounds to make a little hill.
Lay the marzipan (approx. 20 cm in diameter) on top of the cake and make a ‘haunted hill’ and
press all the way round the edge.

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