Baking Cups

Cups made of our paper make a good impression

Paper from Nordic Paper is being used more and more by paper converters all over the world. They have found that our paper is perfect for making baking cups of various sizes, with the most ingenious patterns and for different applications.

Baked products have a pleasing an fresh-looking appearance when they are packaged in paper. The paper provides protection and facilitates handling as well as and preventing contact with unhygienic surfaces. The stability of the cups means that baked products keep their shape for a long time. In addition, taste and aromas are well preserved. The cups are both heat and cold resistant an important consideration when freezing or defrosting.

Why use Baking Cups?

• Cost effective
• Part of packaging
• No greaseor release agents needed
• Less cleaning of bakery equipment
• Increase sales – good presentation with print and colour
• Slip Easy is perfect for denesting – labour saving
• Easier handling of the pastry
• Better presentation in packaging and in display

• One time use
• Approved for food contact
• Use Baking Cups – no cleaning of baking trays
• Protection of baked goods
• Hygienecertificate BRC/HACCP
• Avoid contact with unhygienic surfaces both during production and for consumers

• Promotion possibilities
• Form stability – baking Cups keep their shape
• Present the baked goods in an appetizing way
• Less cleaning of bakery equipment
• Suitable for microwave ovens
• Suitable for conventional ovens
• Easier handling
• Excellent denesting properties – increased productivity
• Grease resistant
• Heat resistant
• Suitable for deep-freezing
• Maintain moisture in the baked goods

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