Our customers shall view Nordic Paper as their natural partner who can meet their specific needs within greaseproof paper and special kraft paper. Nordic Paper shall provide attractive and profitable workplaces with good physical and social environments. Nordic Paper works continuously not only to reduce the impact they have on the external environment but also in making improvements in the efficient use of energy.

This can be summarised as follows:

  • Requirements and demands from customers and owners are stated clearly throughout the organisation.
  • Our ambition is to have a response given to all internal and external communication within 24 hours of being received.
  • Improvements will be implemented continuously and systematically.
  • Co-operation with suppliers will be developed so that they fully understand and meet our requirements for raw materials, supplies and service.
  • Knowledge of the demands made on our products, along with control over their  composition, is achieved through working in a systematic manner. The correct quality of the products is thereby secured so that they can be used safely for the purpose intended.
  • Health, Environment and Safety should be prioritized. HMS work should be an integral part of daily operations.
  • Work shall provide variety that promotes job satisfaction. Employees shall be offered opportunities for personal development and given the necessary resources to achieve the goals, both within their own work area and the company as a whole.
  • Utilization of water, energy and oil shall be minimized as far as is technically possible and financially viable.
  • Consideration shall be given to the working environment, external environment and use of energy when planning investments and rebuilding.
  • Emissions to water and air shall be limited; waste shall be minimized.
  • Objectives and targets in all areas are set annually, and these are monitored regularly.
  • Laws, statutes and regulations will be followed; we shall strive to always surpass minimum legal requirements.