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Anton Persson - Elite skier

Anton Persson, an elite skier from Torsby, Värmland, is Nordic Paper's new partner and bearer of the iamKraft® brand.

 Nordic Paper has collaborated with Claudia Payton, an elite sprinter, and the Swedish Bakers' Team for several years. Now we take the next step and invite Anton who will also be the face of our kraft paper, iamKraft®. Anton personifies everything our kraft paper stands for. Power, endurance, strength, flexibility and durability.

"This cooperation is extremely important for me, giving me the chance to really aim fully. It will be fun to collaborate with Nordic Paper, which is a leading company in its industry and also has a clear environmental profile. The fact that they also manufacture here in Värmland, where I grew up and once started skiing with my grandfather makes it extra fun."

- Anton Persson