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Sustainable business conduct

Nordic Paper is the natural leader in speciality paper and focuses on long-term customer relationships, product development and efficient ways of working to generate sustainable business. Nordic Paper has an important role to play in society through our export activities, but also as an employer and tax payer in the countries where we operate.

Nordic Paper's Code of Conduct provides the foundation for sustainable business conduct and is based on the Company’s core values: responsibility, respect, cooperation and development. The company work closely with suppliers and customers and improvements are continually being made.


Nordic Paper has zero tolerance for corruption and bribes. The Company’s guidelines regarding anti-corruption and bribes state that employees are expected to observe proper business ethics in their actions to avoid and prevent bribes and corruption. All customers – existing and new – are continually screened to check if they appear on any sanction lists.


Nordic Paper follows the UN’s human rights framework as well as Swedish and EU human rights laws. We also believe it is vital for all parts of our value chain to support and respect the protection of internationally recognised human rights.


In 2020 Nordic Paper launched a whistleblower service where the Company’s employees can report any suspected serious misconduct, for example a breach of the Code of Conduct or of other policies or guidelines.


External cooperation enables Nordic Paper to contribute to the development of society. In 2021 the Company partnered with Ung Verksamhet (Junior Achievement), a programme aimed at inspiring more children and young people to develop their creativity, initiative and entrepreneurship. Under the programme 400 school children in Värmland participated in a challenge to develop more products made from paper. Around 250 upper secondary school students in engineering or science programmes worked on tasks relating to Nordic Paper’s sustainability and Agenda 2030. They were also tasked with producing campaigns that appeal to a younger target group to provide visibility for Nordic Paper and its products, and to highlight the Company also as a potential employer.

For many years Nordic Paper has partnered with the Degerfors IF football club. This partnership involves and has in the past involved Nordic Paper supporting the club, in particular its youth teams. 

Nordic Paper is also working with a number of individual athletes with a local connection in the areas where the Company operates. Within the Kraft Paper segment, the Company has partnered for several years with the sprinter Claudia Payton and in 2021 the skier Anton Persson was added to this collaboration. In the Natural Grease- proof segment, the Company is working with bakers in the Swedish national team of bakers (Svenska Bagarlandslaget).

Sustainability report 2021

The sustainability report is a part of the Nordic Paper Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2021. The sustainability report was inspired by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and a GRI index is found in a separate document below.

Annual report and sustainability report 2021

GRI index 2021