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Sustainable work environment

A sustainable work environment and ensuring the wellbeing of its employees make Nordic Paper an attractive workplace. Nordic Paper prioritises and works systematically on creating a safe workplace free from accidents, with high attendance rates and minimal safety risks. The Company’s values and Code of Conduct are key elements in the emphasis on health and safety, which is integrated into all day-to-day operations.

The overall goal is to ensure that a healthy and safe workplace is provided for the Company’s employees as well as for contractors, temporary personnel and visitors. Nordic Paper has a vision of a workplace free from ill health and accidents. All serious incidents and accidents are systematically investigated to identify any sources of risk that could expose the employees to health hazards or accidents, and to implement preventive measures. 

Nordic Paper aims for diversity in an environment that embraces the individuality of all employees. Every year an employee survey is conducted to provide an idea of how the employees view their workplace. The survey is an important tool in developing a sustainable work environment.

Nordic Paper offers occupational health care and provides a wellness benefit to encourage exercise and healthy leisure activities, as well as other health-promoting activities at our plants and the areas around them.

Goal: Nordic Paper's goal is to ensure a healthy and safe working environment in the business. The company is convinced that proactive and systematic work can prevent accidents, incidents, incidents and work-related illness. A measure of success is a reduction in the frequency of accidents with sick leave (LTIFR, Lost Time Incidents Frequency Rate) and the company has therefore set a goal for 2022 to reach a level regarding LTIFR of 9 per million hours worked.

Sustainability report 2021

The sustainability report is a part of the Nordic Paper Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2021. The sustainability report was inspired by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and a GRI index is found in a separate document below.

Annual report and sustainability report 2021

GRI index 2021