The strength of our Sack paper allows you to reduce the amount of packaging required and together with our flexible production processes you can get almost any combination of extensibility, strength and porosity.

Building Material and Chemicals

With just the right balance of strength and porosity, Sack from Nordic Paper is ideal for valve sacks for commodities such as cement and other powdered materials. Our Sack is also suitable for PE coating when the contents, climate or other conditions require an additional moisture barrier.

Food Packaging

Certified for food packaging and storage, our Sack Kraft paper provides the perfect combination of properties - including porosity, strength and extensibility - for bags and sacks for flour, sugar, rice and potatoes.

T+ the world’s strongest Sack paper

T+ provides additional tensile strength when it is needed most. Perfect for Dunnage bags, T+ quality is also available for almost all of our Sack paper.

TEAQONE: Specially developed for building applications, TEAQONE is a semi-extensible sack Kraft paper that balances tensile energy absorption (TEA) in both machine direction (MD) and cross direction (CD).

BioKraft Paper - good for the environment, good for business

BioKraft Paper is designed for food disposal solutions, BioKraft provides the perfect combination of qualities for compostable food waste disposal, BioKraft paper lets household and professional kitchens dispose of food waste responsibly.

MG Kraft

Converters, manufacturers and producers around the world know they can rely on our MG Kraft paper to provide the qualities they need and the quality they deserve. From the northernmost production facilities in the world, our unbleached MG Kraft is among the strongest you can find anywhere. With standard grammage ranging from 35 to 120 g/m², and excellent printability, MG Kraft from Nordic Paper is available in Plain and Ribbed grades to suit your requirements.

As a foundation for laminates, a component in composite coatings, linings, bags and packaging, providing form for plywoods and foams, and as masking paper, MG from Nordic Paper also comes in Honey and Gold shades. Stand the heat: almost all of our papers are food-certified at temperatures up to 90°C.

For even higher temperatures, our special MG OvenKraft paper is certified for food contact up to 220°C.