Our Kraft paper is the material of choice for a surprising range of applications, providing both strength and flexibility. We deliver the paper you want with the specifications you need.

Steel Interleaving Kraft paper

Our Steel Interleaving paper is the material of choice for stainless steel manufacturers worldwide

Whether it is used in razor blades, kitchen appliances or wall cladding, stainless steel owes its gleaming surface to paper. The cold-rolling process for milling stainless steel relies on interleaving paper at every stage. Our Steel Interleaving Kraft paper can be used throughout the entire production process.

Foaming Kraft paper

Used to line the inner surface of a mould for foam rubber, Foaming Kraft ensures the final product releases easily and smoothly, improving production efficiency and product quality.

Absorbent Kraft Paper

The unique properties of our Absorbent Kraft Paper make it an ideal base for a range of products used in building and furniture construction where impregnated absorbent paper is pressed onto substrates such as plywood. Impregnated Absorbent Kraft creates an extremely hard, durable surface. Plywood made with our impregnated paper is used in areas such as moulds for casting concrete and for truck platforms. Our Absorbent Kraft Paper is also used for cells in humidifier and evaporative climate-control systems, including those used extensively in livestock and poultry farms.

Spinning Kraft Paper

The elegant lines and inherent strength of classic woven wicker furniture are created using our Spinning Kraft Paper. This paper can also be spun for use as yarn in rugs and cloths, and can even be waxed for use as matchsticks.

Electrotechnical Kraft Paper

A special cleaning process removes impurities and charged ions from the pulp we use for Electrotechnical paper, resulting in a completely nonconductive paper perfect for insulating electrical components. Used for cables, transformers and electrical laminates, all Electrotechnical grades ensure low loss factor and high dielectric strength. 

Masking Paper

Developed in partnership with the automotive industry, this special protective paper ensures a dust-free surface and superior sealing qualities. And we do this without the addition of harmful chemicals.