Our vision is, Nordic Paper to be the natural leader in specialty paper products.
Nordic Paper offers selected customers superior service and quality, and is the natural partner that meet specific needs.

This can be summarized as follows:

• We will manufacture products with the least possible environmental impact.

• Satisfied customers create growth. Our ambition is to have a 24 hour response time, in all communication with our customers.

• In order to meet the needs and requirements of customers and owners, we continuously collaborate and develop our skills.

• We collaborate with our suppliers to develop and together meet requirements for raw material, supplies and services.

• Good workplace make us an attractive working place. Health, environment and safety are prioritized areas and are a natural part of daily activities.

• Considering the external environment creates endurance, we are therefore continuously working to reduce emissions to air and water as well as to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials.

• To be at the forefront for our customers, we continually work with improvements.

• We comply with laws, rules and decisions.