Highly fluorinated substances, so called PFAS, has been recognized since the industry association Svenskt Vatten, released their new study regarding the toxic substances that is to be found among clothes and paper that has a direct contact with food.

The chemicals, PFAS:s, are used among other things, to make different type of materials more effective barriers against water, dirt and grease.

PFAS:s are found in almost everything, such as water, the air that we breathe and other things that is surrounding us in our natural habitat. However, in very small amounts. It´s when the amount increase that they become dangerous to the health. Study has proven that fluorocarbons, like many other chemicals, never degrade or degrade very slowly in the natural environment. As a result PFASs can bioaccumulate in nature and biological tissue, such as the human body.

Some paper makers use fluorocarbons to reduce cost in their production processes when they make papers that provide a barrier to grease and so provide a so called greaseproof paper. This is NOT done at Nordic Paper.

At Nordic Paper we make a natural greaseproof papers. This is done by grinding and refining the pulp very hard during manufacture to produce a very dense sheet of paper. In this way we achieve the highest quality natural greaseproof papers that are used for making sheets and rolls of baking paper and stacks of baking cups for home and professional use in food preparation, cooking and serving.

This means that there is always an option. An alternative where fluorocarbons, PFASs are not added. Nordic Paper is a paper making company that manufactures greaseproof papers - naturally.