Nordic Paper is launching a new brand name that aim to reflect what we are – iamKraft®.
For years we have been trying to find the perfect name for our natural and strong kraft papers. We searched the world for inspiration, for something that reflects the power that lies within our products. Yet, we ended up where we started – in Värmland county, Sweden. Because here, we have the nature and the knowledge needed to produce our kraft paper.

- The name iamKraft® is Latin and actually means “now”. It signifies that our kraft papers are modern, and adapted to the current requirements. We want to work in the presents to make sure that our papers are the best on the market, says Marie Stenquist, director of Communications/PR.
She continues:
- Before we united around this name iamKraft® , we used different types of grade codes and other non-stringent names that wasn’t really easy to remember. Now we hope to facilitate for customers and others around us.

Strongest in the world
The nature provides us with unique fibers, rare to find anywhere else. The heritage of knowledge has been passed over from generation to generation. These two components have together provided us with one of the strongest kraft paper in the world.

Sprint kraft
Along our way we found another natural kraft source. One that, just like our kraft papers, was born and raised in Värmland. Her name is Claudia Payton. Claudia is the next generation of sprint athletie and she has already multiple athletic merits. She is strong, powerful and with the same stamina as our kraft papers. She represents the strength in our products and is a great metaphor for our brand.

In Bäckhammar, where we have our head quarter and in Åmotfors, we manufacture kraft paper that is used in many different types of applications. Among others we produce unbleached paper for sacks and carrier bags but also paper for building constructions such as laminate, and electrotechnical paper. In almost every home you can find something that contains our paper.