October 18 is Paper Bag Day. A day initiated by the industry organization CEPI, which consists of Europe's leading kraft paper producers and paper bag producers. The focus is to create awareness around this environmentally superior bag.

To mark the day and strike an extra punch for the natural alternative, several companies in Värmland - Nordic Paper, Coop Värmland, Norbag and Marvaco – has collaborated and created a ”Värmland bag” – from forest to table. Nordic Paper produces paper in Bäckhammar which is converted into a bag at Norbag in Töcksfors - where they are also printed with molds made by Marvaco in Sunne. For this day, a special bag will be produced that will be distributed free of charge in a number of Coop Värmland's stores under the slogan "From forest to table".

- It is fun to be able to showcase a collaboration around a product that many consumers use every week - probably without knowing that it is generations of knowledge and experience from Värmland they hold in their hands, says Henrik Asp, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nordic Paper.

- Paper carrier bags are strong bags made of natural and renewable raw materials and a good alternative to plastic bags.-It feels good to promote a sustainable product that is made in Värmland, says Tomas Sjölander, CEO Coop Värmland.

The Paper Bag Day was founded in 2017 by leading European kraft paper manufacturers and paper carrier manufacturers. The two organizations CEPI Eurokraft and Eurosac hold the platform together. For more information, visit http://www.thepaperbag.org.

Additional fact; The specially developed paper bag is offered at Coop Åmotfors, Stora Coop Välsviken, Stora Coop Kristinehamn, Stora Coop Hammarö and Stora Coop Bergvik for free this day.

For more information, please contact Klas Olsson, Coop,  phone: +46 10-410 81 02, or Marie Stenquist, Director of Communications/PR, Nordic Paper, phone: +46 72-5189773.