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The natural leader in speciality paper

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Our paper is a natural, renewable resource with strength, flexibility and special properties adapted for many different applications and end uses. We place high demands on both ourselves and our suppliers to ensure delivery of the highest quality paper. That´s some of the reasons why you find our paper almost everywhere in everyday life. We have been manufacturing paper since the end of the 19th century. Today we produce two main types of high quality paper: Natural Greaseproof paper and iamKraft® kraft paper. We have five paper mills, three in Sweden, one in Norway and one in Canada. Strategically placed close to raw material and you. 

iamKraft® kraft paper

kraftpapper kollage

Our knowledge paired with the Nordic climate is the key factors to producing some of the strongest kraft paper in the world.

Natural Greaseproof paper

naturligt greasproofpapper kollage

Natural Greaseproof provides the perfect material for the flexibility and quality you need – both when it comes to the properties of the paper itself and your own conversion processes and production.


Manufacturing paper is one thing, but there's more to tell about us. For example, what products our customers create, innovations and how we work with sustainability. Here you will also find news about us.

The paper bag that survived nine international mail deliveries

ePack-påsen som besökt sex olika länder

How do you test the durability of an e-commerce paper bag to its very limit? By sending it via international mail, over and over again, of course! 

“Baking paper can replace plastic in food packaging”


Why does there have to be plastic touching the food?
This question asked by Carl-Henrik Fernandi is all about how plastic and aluminium in food packaging can be replaced by other materials.
– Nordic Paper was recommended to me by chance – and it turned out to be just the thing, he says.

The story about Nordic Paper

Nordic Paper brand film

Did you know? We have been producing paper since the end of the 19th century

DID YOU KNOW? We have been producing paper since the end of the 19th century.