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Manufacturing paper is one thing, but there's more to tell us about us. For example, what products our customers create, innovations and how we work with sustainability. Here you will find some selected stories about Nordic Paper.

Nearby cooperation

Nordic Paper is the exclusive supplier of unbleached kraft paper for a special carrier bag manufactured by Norbag, who are located close to Nordic Paper's mill in Åmotfors, Sweden.
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Recyclability and ice hockey

Three years ago, a collaboration was initiated between Nordic Paper, FBK/Löfbergs Arena and UMV Coating where the goal was to collaborate to phase out disposables made of plastic. Some of these products were paper for burgers, but also tray coasters and sandwich wrappers.
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Kraftpapper som tyg

Pillows, lamps, carpets and dresses?

It is probably quite well known that the paper produced at the mill in Bäckhammar is used for sacks and carrier bags. But the fact that it is also used as a base for stylish boutique bags, such as insulating paper or in different types of building laminate found in almost every other household, perhaps not many people know that.
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Research ahead

Lignin is one of the main constituents in wood and the substance that binds the cellulose fibres in wood and gives strength to the tree trunk. In the sulphate process of paper production, we dissolve the lignin, to make paper pulp. At subsequent steps to this process, the lignin is distinguished from the black liquor and becomes the residual product sulphate lignin.
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