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Manufacturing paper is one thing, but there's more to tell us about us. For example, what products our customers create, innovations and how we work with sustainability. Here you will find some selected stories about Nordic Paper.

Market potential for oven safe pizza boxes

Nothing is impossible for the Italian packaging specialist LIC Packaging. Some time ago, the R&D department of the company got the idea to develop a new type of take-away boxes for pizza delivery. The novelty was that the box with the pizza inside could be heated in the oven of the consumer.
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Baking paper

Baking papers from Nordic Paper now compost certified

Nordic Paper is world leading within manufacturing of natural greaseproof paper without the addition of fluorocarbons, so called PFAS. The company has obtained yet another confirmation of the environmental performance of its products as Nordic Paper´s baking papers now are compost certified.
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Säkra lyft

Safe liftning in Bäckhammar

During a maintenance shutdown at Nordic Paper’s production plants a lot of tasks needs to be carried out simultaneously. Multiple tasks are performed in the same areas at the plant and cranes are used to reach all areas.
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Reducing climate impact from transport

In 2021 transport accounted for 20 percent of GHG emissions from Nordic Paper’s products. Raw materials and inputs, such as wood, chemicals and pulp, need to be transported to Nordic Paper’s plants and paper products need to be transported to customers. Due to longer distances, transporting finished products accounts for the majority of the Company’s transport-related GHG emissions.
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Anna Jansson

Many advantages from resconstructing in Säffle

Increased production capacity, better work environment and decreased use of fossil fuels. These are some of the effects of the investment in the Säffle production plant. Anna Jansson, line manager, talks about the successful production transition.
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Kraftpapper & jordgubbar

Paper packaging is on the advance

A request from the USA resulted in Gamma Plastic, an Italian packaging company, developing unique paper packaging for fruit and vegetables made from Nordic Paper’s kraft paper. Andrea Barzon, the CEO of Gamma Plastics, talks about the strong sustainability trend in the market.
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In french cuisine

Mutual trust is important in a competitive market. Developing long-term relations is therefore a key factor for success. MatferBourgeat’s and Nordic
Paper’s partnership goes back several decades.
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Award 2022 Bilbao

Silver award for Nordic Paper in Eurosac Grand Prix

Since many years, Nordic Paper is part of the European federation Eurosac. On a yearly basis Eurosac arrange a congress where the member companies are invited to listen to different speakers, attend to seminars and network. During the latest congress, held in the end of May 2022, most of the member companies were represented since the interest in meeting in real life were obvious post pandemic.
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