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Nordic Paper purchase different types of services, such as raw materials, energy, and transport. We strive for long-term relationships with selected main suppliers whom we jointly can develop with.

Our suppliers are selected on objective criteria such as competence, quality, flexibility, delivery reliability and commercial terms. Complying with and living by our Supplier Code of Conduct is a fundamental requirement to become and remain a supplier to Nordic Paper.

The sourcing department at Nordic Paper is responsible for leading the selection of suppliers. The way of working is category-based, where the purchasing manager together with a team from each mill, develops the requirements for future purchases. Strategy, resources, and important decisions are then revised in steering groups with leaders from the mills and the Group. This approach aims to build the right mix of main suppliers and ensures that purchasing decisions follow our business ethics guidelines.


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Below you find our code of conduct and invoice instructions. 

Supplier Code of conduct

Code of conduct suppliers

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Invoicing Instructions

Invoice instructions Suppliers Nordic Paper.pdf

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SSG Entre

Nordic Paper requires the completed and approved SSG Entre Basic, as well as a local SSG Entre course that provides complementary knowledge about the facility's unique risks, rules and procedures. Requirements are also made for a physical SSG Access card. Order and use the SSG Entre card after finished training. This visiting routine is part of strengthening our safety culture, improving the working environment, and prevent prevent illness and accidents in our workplaces.

SSG Access cards are valid for own staff, contractors and consultants. Visitors are guided by a host throughout their stay.

Increased access requirements to facilities

Increased access requirements to facilities SSG.pdf

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