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Bäckhammar mill

We have many different professions both at Bäckhammar mill and throughout Nordic Paper, which means that we have many fun and interesting jobs to offer. There are opportunities in several areas to develop and grow. We also have short decision paths with close cooperation between different departments, which creates a good community. When I started at Bäckhammar, I immediately noticed the welcoming environment, it was very clear that you help and care about each other. That community is very important, says Mill Manager Kristin Israelsson.
Kristin Israelsson
Kristin Israelsson, Mill Manager Bäckhammar

At the mill in Bäckhammar, Nordic Papers biggest facility, we are about 260 employees producing unbleached pulp and one of the world's strongest kraft paper, iamKraft®.

Our kraft paper is convert into bio-based textiles, sacks, boutique bags, building laminates and furniture e.g. by our customers. Part of the pulp we produce is also sent to our mill in Åmotfors.

Two paper machines:

PM4 width 4.65 m

PM5 width 4.72 m


159,000 tonnes of paper per year

230,000 tonnes of pulp per year

iamKraft® kraft paper

kraftpapper kollage

Our knowledge paired with the Nordic climate is the key factors to producing some of the strongest kraft paper in the world.

Production units

In Säffle (Sweden), Québec (Canada) and Greåker (Norway) we produce Natural Greaseproof paper. In Bäckhammar and Åmotfors we produce the kraftpaper, iamKraft®.