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Natural Greaseproof paper

Whether it's packaging for exclusive chocolate, paper for baking and cooking or packaging for frozen food, our Natural Greaseproof paper is ideal.

Our natural greaseproof paper is certified for use with food. It is a flexible paper of high quality that can be adapted to many different manufacturing processes and quality requirements. Packaging made from our natural greaseproof paper can be taken directly from the freezer to the microwave or frying pan.

Our paper provides natural protection against grease, light, air and moisture. To ensure that the paper really meets the needs of the market, we develop it together with our customers and the Swedish bakers' national team.

Paper selector Natural Greaseproof

Fill in your wished properties and the selector will guide you trough our range of Natural Greaseproof paper. 

Baking cups and food containers

Our Candor baking cup paper is a special grade designed to give good cup stability in addition to an excellent barrier against fat and moisture – ensuring both top quality and ease of use.

Speciality Paper Natural Greaseproof

Our Natural Greaseproof is the material of choice for a surprising range of applications, providing both unique properties and flexibility. 

Baking and cooking paper

Whether you want protection, versatility, ease of use or products that look attractive on the store shelf, Nordic Papers natural greaseproof paper is the product for you.

Packaging and food containers

The papers Singleproof and Super Perga provide packaging with high flexibility, versatility, and quality – regardless of use.


Sustainability is at the very heart of our products. Learn more about our certificates and standards.

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