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Québec mill

The Quebec paper mill has been operating in the paper industry since 1952. A range of special papers are produced here for the food industry, but also for the medical and industrial sectors.
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Here we are about 56 employees producing greaseproof paper. Examples of products manufactured from our paper are cup stock, bacon layout, pan liner, meat separator, margarine wrap and lard liner. Speciality papers are also designed for various applications. Read more about the paper mill.

One paper machine:

PM 1 width 2,9 meters


Paper: 13,600 tonnes per year


The mill was a division of Simkins Industries Inc. from 1986, with headquarters in Miami, Florida. In 2021 Nordic Paper acquired the mill.


Natural Greaseproof Paper

Your best choice for food preparation and packaging the world. Natural Greaseproof provides the perfect material for the flexibility and quality you need.

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Natural Greaseproof paper

Production units

In Säffle (Sweden), Québec (Canada) and Greåker (Norway) we produce Natural Greaseproof paper. In Bäckhammar and Åmotfors we produce the kraftpaper, iamKraft®.