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The operations at several of Nordic Paper’s plants are based on more than 100 years’ experience in processing renewable forest raw materials to make speciality products. This would not have been possible without economic, social and environmental sustainability being a core focus area. Sustainability is increasingly a business driver.

Nordic Paper is part of a circular, bio-based economy in which renewable fibres are processed into recyclable paper products that can replace fossil-based alternatives. 

Nordic Paper plays a significant role as an employer in the rural areas where several of the mills are located and not only provides job opportunities within the Group but also provides business opportunities to local suppliers of goods and services. The top priority is to ensure that the work environment is safe for everyone who works for the company – not just own employees but also for contractors and temporary personnel, and for visitors.

Nordic Paper also strives to maintain profitability to make continual improvements in production and resource use possible. On the raw materials side, Nordic Paper is part of the forestry industry network in which one company’s by-product is another’s raw material. Around 30% of Nordic Paper’s wood raw material comprises a by-product from the sawmill industry and the remainder is mainly timber from thinning out or from narrower parts of trees used as raw materials for the sawmill industry.

Through constant efforts over recent decades Nordic Paper has improved its performance in multiple areas of sustainability, not least in environmental sustainability. Nordic Paper wants to continue to minimise the negative impacts of its operations through cooperation with stakeholders across the entire value chain – from extraction of raw materials to end use and recycling – and by taking active steps together to increase the positive impact of the products, for example as a replacement for fossil-based packaging materials.

Sustainability report 2023

The sustainability report is a part of the Nordic Paper Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2023.