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Sustainability is the basis for long-term value creation. With more than 150 years of experience in processing renewable forest raw materials, maintaining social, environmental and economic sustainability is key for Nordic Paper.

Through constant efforts over the past few decades, Nordic Paper’s performance in multiple areas of sustainability has improved, especially in environmental sustainability. As its own impact has decreased, the significance of the impact from parts of the value chain that are upstream and downstream from Nordic Paper’s own operations has increased. Nordic Paper wants to continue to minimise negative impacts overall where they arise, but also to maximise the positive effects of the Company’s operations, such as the benefits of using Nordic Paper’s renewable and recyclable products. Sustainability is a business driver for Nordic Paper.

Nordic Paper’s ambition is to drive change wherever the Company can have an impact, and to do this in cooperation with stakeholders up and down the value chain. The aim is for Nordic Paper’s initiatives and investments to be as resource efficient as possible to optimise the positive changes achieved.

Nordic Paper’s sustainability work is based on materiality analysis and on continuous dialogue with the company’s stakeholders.

Based on the requirements and expectations from the company’s stakeholders the company has designated sustainability focus areas where the company is concentrating its efforts to drive change. Nordic Paper’s focus areas are:

Sustainability report 2022

The sustainability report is a part of the Nordic Paper Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2022.