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About us

Nordic Paper is an independent manufacturer of paper and pulp of the highest quality. At our company the employees at the mills are the heart of our business.
Skog och väg

We are located in Scandinavia and Canada – surrounded by nature where the large forests provide raw materials for our greaseproof paper and our iamKraft® kraft paper. Nature is an important factor in the production of our premium quality paper. The short summers and cold winters makes the trees grow slowly, creating long fibers that allow us to make a strong kraft paper.

Our five paper mills are located in Bäckhammar, Åmotfors and Säffle in Sweden, Greåker in Norway and Québec in Canada. All mills produce paper and in Bäckhammar we also produce our own pulp.

Dating back to the late 19th century, we have the experience needed to be a world-leading producera with exports to more than 70 countries. It is also of the utmost importance for us, to meet and exceed the stringent environmental requirements and contribute to the transition to a circular and bio-based economy.

Massaved och Visman

Nordic Paper is the natural leader in specialty paper

Our business concept is to offer selected customers superior service and quality. To help promote a positive culture in the workplace, we have four core values:

Responsibility - We take responsibility for our own and others' well-being at work and create a safe and attractive workplace. Our responsibility for quality and delivery brings satisfied customers. Responsible action for the environment, for current and future generations, creates sustainable results.

Respect - Equal value for people is a matter of course for us. We respect each other and meet everyone as we want to be treated.

Collaboration - We work with each other and with our stakeholders to create success. By taking advantage of each other's differences and strengths, we become better together.

Development - We challenge what we do today and set new and evolving goals. Our work with continuous improvement means that we reach new levels.

These four core  value words are the basis of our Code of Conduct, which translates the values into actions.


Nordic Paper's history goes all the way back to the end of the 19th century.

Production units

In Säffle (Sweden), Québec (Canada) and Greåker (Norway) we produce Natural Greaseproof paper. In Bäckhammar and Åmotfors we produce the kraftpaper, iamKraft®.

Strategy and financial goals

Fundamental to the implementation of our strategy is the business concept to offer selected customers high quality and service.

The Board

According to Nordic Paper’s articles of association, the board of directors shall comprise of not less than three and not more than ten members elected by the shareholders at the general meeting.

Executive management

The CEO is subordinated to the board of directors and is responsible for the everyday management and operations of the company. Nordic Paper’s executive management team comprises 7 members.

Get to know us

Our employees makes Nordic Paper the natural leader in specilaity paper