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Baking paper that withstands repeated use

Our natural greaseproof paper contains no added fluorochemicals (PFAS). The paper is recyclable and is also biodegradable, which means that it can be composted. What many people do not realise is that it can also be used multiple times.

Together with the Swedish national team of bakers (Svenska Bagarlandslaget), Nordic Paper’s baking paper was tested to see how many times it could be used before it was time to replace it. The paper was tested by baking both cinnamon buns and somewhat stickier baked goods. A professional bakery was used, the oven temperature was 200 degrees Celsius and each item was baked for 10 minutes.

It emerged that Nordic Paper’s baking paper could be used three, five or even 10 times in the oven for both cinnamon buns and stickier bakes.

– Bakers are often choosy about the ingredients they use for their breads and other baked goods. We like to use organic ingredients and look for locally produced products, but sometimes we may have forgotten to think about which baking paper we use. And in particular, it’s generally thrown away after each use. Nordic Paper’s paper takes sustainability to a whole new level because it opens up the option of actually reusing the same baking paper time and time again, says Martin Lundell, CEO of the Association of Swedish Bakers and Confectioners, who is in charge of the Swedish national team of bakers.