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Safety culture - an ongoing journey

Nordic Paper's efforts within protection and safety are extensive and have been intensified in recent years. Rules That Save Lives, risk observer of the month and realistic emergency drills are examples of activities that were visible to all employees and in which they could participate in various ways. The most important work, however, is what happens during daily operations when colleagues interact.

At the start of the year Nordic Paper began implementing nine Rules That Save Lives within the group. At Bäckhammar mill safety discussions were held with all managers, aimed at ensuring that the rules would be discussed in all departments to bring them to life. It is important that everyone has the same picture of what things are like in reality and that everyone works together to change the safety culture.

– It became very clear when we carried out emergency drills that everything is related. We trained for what happens in a chemicals incident and that was a good reminder of our Rules That Save Lives and how important they are, says Jonas Ek, an operator at the screening facility in Bäckhammar mill.

Even some months after the drills were carried out, his colleagues are still talking about the results.

– I think you can see a clear difference in the way that everyone thinks about safety as a result of the various protection and safety initiatives, says Jonas.