The CEO is subordinated to the board of directors and is responsible for the everyday management and operations of the company. Nordic Paper’s executive management team comprises 9 members.

(The information regarding shareholdings below includes through company and related parties as of 31 December 2020.)

Anita Sjölander

Anita Sjölander Chief Executive Officer since 2019.

Born: 1965

Education: Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology.

Shareholding: 2 500

Niclas Eriksson

Niclas Eriksson Chief Financial Officer since 2018.

Born: 1967

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting, Karlstad University.

Shareholding: 3 800

Henrik Essén

Head of IR and Strategy since 2021

Born: 1974

Education: Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, KTH Royal Insitute of Technology, Stockholm.

Shareholding: 6 000

Marie Stenquist

Marie Stenquist Director of Corporate Communications/PR since 2014.

Born: 1978

Education: Studies in Media and Communication,
Rhetoric, Sociology, Örebro University as
well as studies in Strategic Communication,
Umeå University.

Shareholding: 576

Lars Löfquist

Lars Löfquist Director of Human Resources since 2013.

Born: 1958

Education: Various courses in, e.g., labour laws and leadership, Karlstad University. Various courses, e.g., in Social Science, Psychology and Social Medicine, Örebro University. 

Shareholding: 600

Christian Persson

Christian Persson Director of Operations since 2019.

Born: 1972

Education: Programme of Forest Industry, specialized in pulp and paper, Karlstad University. 

Shareholding: 940

Peter Warren

Peter Warren Director of Sales & Marketing Greaseproof since 2015.

Born: 1960

Education: Management Development Program, Cranfield Business School. Economics Degree, Business Administration, University of Leicester. Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom.

Shareholding: 600

Henrik Asp

Henrik Asp Director of Sales & Marketing Kraft since 2018.

Born: 1981

Education: Master of Science in Business and
Administration, specialized in Finance,
Stockholm University & Korea University Business School.

Shareholding: 1 700

Patric Johansson

Patric Johansson IT Manager since 2013.

Born: 1969

Education: Bachelor of System Sciences, Karlstad University. Courses in leadership.

Shareholding: 600