Our Silidor range of cooking and baking papers has been developed to make food preparation simpler, cleaner and more efficient.

  • Renewable, recyclable, natural product.
  • Paper removed the need for grease in oven trays and tins, and even in frying pans.
  • In commercial kitchens, paper reduces the need for cleaning, increases productivity and extends the lifespan of trays.
  • Innovative products for private kitchens include herb-infused Cook-in-the-paper chicken wrappers, as well as pan-liners.
  • Perfect for frozen foods that need to go direct from freezer to microwave or conventional oven.
  • Certified for dry and fatty foods at temperatures up to 220°C.
  • Available for one-time or multi-use, suitable for private and professional kitchens.
  • And in a health-conscious world, reducing the amount of fat used in cooking is a major benefit.

Our Silidor range is available in a variety of grades, formats, specifications and price points. And because you are working with Nordic Paper, we are always ready to discuss special requirements.