Nordic Paper is launching a new brand name that aim to reflect what we are – iamKraft®. For years we have been trying to find the perfect name for our natural and strong kraft papers. We searched the world for inspiration, for something that reflects the power that lies within our products. Yet, we ended up where we started – in Värmland county, Sweden. Because here, we have the nature and the knowledge needed to produce our kraft paper.
The company will increase prices on greaseproof papers by 6% on all despatches from 1st July 2018.
We are proud to announce that we recently initiated a cooperation with the local sprint athletics Claudia Payton from Värmland county in Sweden. Claudia is 19 years old and already has multiple athletics merits.
A dress completely made of paper from Swedish forests and Nordic Paper. The innovation project ‘Establish locally grown textiles in Sweden’ aims at enabling textile production of raw material from the pulp industry.
Nordic Paper Holding is changing the ownership as Shanying Paper International is about to acquire the pulp- and paper company. At a signing ceremony at the Governments Offices representatives from both companies met.
Nordic Paper is a leading Swedish-based producer of kraft and greaseproof paper. Three of Nordic Paper’s mills are located in Sweden, and the fourth one in Norway. A China-based pulp and paper company, Anhui Shanying Paper Industry Co., LTD (“Anhui Shanying Paper”), has entered into an agreement to acquire 100 % of the shares in Nordic Paper Holding AB from Special Situation Venture Partner lll and Petek GmbH.
The company will increase prices on greaseproof papers by 5% on all despatches from 1st September 2017.
As from January 1st2017 Mr Jan Runo resigns as chairman of Nordic Paper AB.
Nordic Paper have completed the PEFC certification and are now certified in all four mills!
During the past month Nordic Paper has had an open auction of one ton of sheeted Natural Greaseproof paper to be delivered in special designed pink boxes. The final winner of the auction was Siluette of Sweden with operations in Kristinehamn, Sweden.