New production technology allows the forestry and textile industry to replace fossil-based materials with renewable materials. Andrea Montano Montes, Master of Ceremonies at the Nobel Prize banquet 2018, will be wearing an evening gown entirely made of Swedish paper, which among others comes from Nordic Paper. The dress’ new unique fabric is the result of a new innovative production technique that uses renewable materials to produce a better and more environmentally friendly fabric. The Swedish company Fabric Forest is the manufacture of the evening gown and announced the news at the end of last week.
It’s all about paper bags on 18 October 2018: on the occasion of the first European Paper Bag Day, Nordic Paper will be celebrating paper bags as the sustainable and efficient packaging of the future. The annual action day was initiated by “The Paper Bag” platform, a collaboration between Europe’s leading kraft paper manufacturers and paper bag producers, of which Nordic Paper is a member. The objective of the event is to highlight the advantages of paper bags and invite consumers to connect their personal packaging choices with a sustainable choice for the environment.
Start-up of the mill will take place during the day. The paper machines will follow the pulp mill and start when there is enough pulp to produce paper.
Nordic Paper Bäckhammar mill is ready for start-up. The prognosis and working hypothesis are that the pulp production will start in the beginning of next week. As always, there will be a ramp up phase of the pulp production.
After last Monday´s start-up problems, the production in Nordic Paper’s mill Bäckhammar is still not running. However, according to the company’s latest measurements, the water looks a lot better in the creek Visman. Nordic Paper has taken actions to prevent further blockage of the effluent from the damaged floor drain, which was the main problem at the start of last week, and further action is taken during this week.
The Nordic Paper mill in Bäckhammar has had a maintenance stop. However, at the scheduled start-up, problems occurred.
Nordic Paper is launching a new brand name that aim to reflect what we are – iamKraft®. For years we have been trying to find the perfect name for our natural and strong kraft papers. We searched the world for inspiration, for something that reflects the power that lies within our products. Yet, we ended up where we started – in Värmland county, Sweden. Because here, we have the nature and the knowledge needed to produce our kraft paper.
The company will increase prices on greaseproof papers by 6% on all despatches from 1st July 2018.
We are proud to announce that we recently initiated a cooperation with the local sprint athletics Claudia Payton from Värmland county in Sweden. Claudia is 19 years old and already has multiple athletics merits.
A dress completely made of paper from Swedish forests and Nordic Paper. The innovation project ‘Establish locally grown textiles in Sweden’ aims at enabling textile production of raw material from the pulp industry.