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Commitment to people

Having a good working environment with healthy employees makes Nordic Paper an attractive workplace. Health, environment and safety are just as prioritized as profitability and form an integral part of our daily operations. Our clearly defined goals for health, environment and safety are achieved through systematic training and taking specific measures aimed at promoting a positive attitude.

A safe work environment with healthy, committed employees
Nordic Paper’s highest priorities are the health of our employees and providing them with a safe and secure workplace. Our aim is to have a  workplace that is free from accidents, where employees have a high level of attendance and safety risks are minimal. 

We are value-driven and strive for diversity, where the individuality of each employee is utilized, and therefore actively  monitor, measure and improve the actions we take regarding well-being, health and safety issues in the workplace. Our employees are offered SSG Entrance Training, which provides everyone with a common ground for understanding health and safety issues in the workplace. 

Every year we offer employees internal and  external education. We provide occupational health care and offer health care grants to stimulate a variable and healthy leisure time, as well as other health-promoting activities at, and close to, our facilities.

Goal: Nordic Paper's goal is to ensure a healthy and safe working environment in the business. The company is convinced that proactive and systematic work can prevent accidents, incidents, incidents and work-related illness. A measure of success is a reduction in the frequency of accidents with sick leave (LTIFR, Lost Time Incidents Frequency Rate) and the company has therefore set a goal for 2022 to reach a level regarding LTIFR of 9 per million hours worked. 

HR Policy

Annual report and sustainability report 2021