Our Candor baking cup paper is a special grade designed to give good cup stability in addition to an excellent barrier against fat and moisture – ensuring both top quality and ease of use.

Developed for efficient conversion, Candor is available in a range of specifications to provide the perfect paper for your products, and can be delivered in reels or in sheets to suit your requirements.

Candor Slip Easy has a first class reputation for denesting, Candor Opaque gives opacity and brightness and Candor Combi has a silicone coating for enhanced barrier and release performance for moist and frozen foods.

Single-use baking cups are an ideal solution for preparing and protecting baked goods

  • Cost effective and hygienic
  • Resistant to both heat and grease suitable for freezing and for preserving moisture
  • Eliminates the need for release agents
  • Stable, attractive packaging that can increase sales and make production more efficient.

Our Candor range is available in a variety of grades, formats, specifications and price points. And because you are working with Nordic Paper, we are always ready to discuss special requirements.