We care about the food you eat. Our paper helps make sure your food is prepared, packaged, stored and transported safely and efficiently. At the same time we provide the flexibility, versatility and quality you need – no matter the application.

Paper remains the most natural food-packaging material around, and all of our Natural Greaseproof paper is fully certified for use in markets around the world.

Our Singleproof food containers are renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. And they can go straight from the freezer to a microwave or conventional oven.

Our Super Perga range has been developed for fatty foods such as butter, margarine and cheese and is approved by dairy federations around the world.  Super Perga is also the perfect wrap packaging for fast foods.

The excellent printing and surfacing qualities of our Super Perga range also means it is available either for use as a component in laminated packaging or as a decorative printed wrapper in its own right.

The biggest names in food preparation and packaging products know that Nordic Paper is a brand you can trust. Our papers are certified for food preparation, packaging and storage around the world, and provide a safe, natural and renewable alternative.