Nordic Paper strives to integrate sustainability as a natural part of daily work. The company has chosen three focus areas, sustainable work environment, responsible production and sustainable business conduct.

Our vision at Nordic Paper is to be the natural leader in speciality paper. Sustainability is a prerequisite if we are to realize this and thus forms an important strategic parameter of our business. Therefore, we work continuously with updating and incorporating sustainability in our operations development, and also contribute by persuading more customers to choose paper-based products and thereby reduce their use of plastic. We assist customers in replacing plastic, either totally or partly, in their packaging solutions. Work is ongoing to minimize the amount of chemicals added to our paper.

We see sustainability as an endless journey and a way of living that need to be updated and developed continuously. It’s why we also constantly work towards keeping the map updated for our journey towards being a more sustainable company. The three aspects of sustainability we have identified are: social, economic and climate/environment.

Nordic Paper has identified the three most important areas of sustainability for the company to manage, follow up and communicate during the five-year period 2018-2023.

Focus Area 1: Strengthen responsible productionConsideration for the environment is a prerequisite for long-term sustainability. Nordic Paper works continuously to reduce emissions to air and water as well as consumption of energy and raw materials. The goal is to reduce the company's climate footprint, Carbon footprint Scope 1 and 2, from the 2018 level, 224 kg CO2e / tonne product, by 15% by 2030.

Focus Area 2: Simplify and unify our business
Nordic Paper has zero tolerance for corruption and bribery. An internal training has been conducted for all managers in the "Guidelines against bribery and corruption" and that all managers received information about the company's new whistleblower service. The agent agreements were supplemented at the same time with the corresponding content. A review of the company's routines to ensure that no sales are made to countries and customers that are subject to corruption risks and sanctions have started. 

Focus Area 3: Experience and commitment of employees
Nordic Paper's goal is to ensure a healthy and safe working environment in the business. The company is convinced that proactive and systematic work can prevent accidents, incidents, incidents and work-related illness. A measure of success is a reduction in the frequency of accidents with sick leave (LTIFR, Lost Time Incidents Frequency Rate* and the company has therefore set a goal for 2020 to reach a level regarding LTIFR of 10 per million hours worked. 

*LTIFR - Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate, accidents with sick leave per 1 million hours worked. Calculated as the number of accidents with sick leave divided by the hours actually worked for own employees.